Completely online… Exercise AND complete Nutrition program….trained by Marina herself!!

Lose Baby Weight with Marina Perry’s Lean Mumma System

If you’re a mum who wants:

Then the Lean Mumma 10WT is for YOU!!

Starts 10th February 2014

You’ll gain:

A body you love!

Loving your body, I don’t just mean accepting it and being satisfied, although you will come to appreciate and accept yourself by the end of the Lean Mumma system, because you should.

I’m talking GENUINELY loving what you see in the mirror when you’re nude,
and feeling proud, confident, 
sexy and sassy in your skin.


Now we’re talking a body prepared for life, an active, fun filled, ready for anything, jazzed to the max for life.

A strong functionally fit bod, so you can go for a run when you want either for yourself or to chase the kids, dance in the arms of the love of your life without getting puffed. Try a new hobbie or spirt without fear or injury or strain. Be able to lift and manage. Groceries, kids or life so much more easily because of the strength you gain…. All over.

Firm, toned legs; a high tight toosh; strong lean back and arms; a flat, lean, sleek waistline.


We’ll get you lean, we’ll get you slim, we’ll get you toned, we’ll get you strong

And we’ll get you all if this, BECAUSE we focus on getting you healthy

Healthier than  you’ve ever been.


Lose Baby Weight

We’re not prepared for you to sacrifice your optimal health to look great in a bikini. We will however having you looking killer in a bikini because we start within. Your body will glow with well-being and function optimally. It will naturally release unnecessary weight and melt away cellulite because we start on the inside cleansing deep within properly from the beginning.

Setting you up for sustained success and the best possible results.

Any other approach will not be a true transformation, instead it will be a mask.

When you join the lean Mumma system, by opting into phase one of the online transformation program, you will be saying:

YES to feeling confident in your own skin
YES to prioritising your health and wellbeing
YES to setting an example of good health for your children
YES to stripping away unwanted body fat forever
YES to creating lean muscle and melt away belly fat
YES to living your ultimate life and being true to your authentic self
YES to emitting positive energy and a positive outlook


Why do I get such amazing results for people?

What gives me the credentials to do so?

Perhaps it’s a combination of my amassed skills as a master Pilates Trainer, Health Club Founder and owner and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have innovated within the fitness industry for almost 15 years creating brands and classes including pure bounce, PURE Slide, PURE flow, PURE morphosis, PURE sculp, FitHoop and more.

Or maybe it’s just that I found what worked for me and it happened to be what worked for many other too.

Put it down to whatever you like but the 5 step system you will use, when you join the Lean Mumma System 10 Week transformation program online is the world’s most comprehensive eating and nutrition program for Mums.

With workouts every week that gradually, progressively and appropriately transition through 3 phases over 30 weeks plus a nutrition system that has 3 phases of meal plans that match the exercise phases you’ll be using the scientific sports nutrition and conditioning available.

And that’s what you deserve.

The best.

You deserve the best system to get you the best health, vitality and body you’ve ever had. Guaranteed.

Yes, that’s right. I guarantee it.

If you use the program and follow it 100% you will get the amazing
results that you’re looking for or you’ll get your money back. Simple.

If my years in business within the health industry have taught me anything, it’s that your reputation and your commitment to your client’s result is everything.

Give good service, get phenomenal results and you will flourish.

I believe and practice that mantra.

I don’t want your money if you don’t get results. That wouldn’t be a fair exchange of value. HOWEVER, and let me be CLEAR, if I’m going to give you the best of everything I’ve ever learned and you choose not to apply it or practice it in your life. There will be no refund. I delivered on my part, you simply let yourself down. Fair? I’m sure you agree it is. SO the good news is, if you’re ready for real change and ready to do the work, you’re guaranteed of results.


Lose Baby Weight

Get excited…

Take a second and imagine your future self, the one waiting for you on the other side of the Lean Mumma 10 Week Transformation Program. See her in all her power, glory and health. Glowing, strong and vital… Happy, healthy and ready and waiting for you to hurry up and make her real.

So what are you waiting for?

Give yourself the gift of the your best self. Give yourself the gift of the best program possible, with me, a pre and post natal fitness expert, who has been through, and is still, in the trenches. Who practices what she preaches and has proven this system timeless, endless times with real mums living real lives.

Don’t wait for the perfect time – when it’s less busy, when you won’t have events coming up, when your kids are settled back in school, when you’ll have more motivation… The perfect time does not exist. As the saying goes, time waits for no man, or as I like to say, no mum! And you can only create the change now. So start now! Register today and you’re instantly one step closer to realising that future version of yourself that currently sits patiently waiting in your imagination to become your true reality… Let her loose on the world and become who you were always meant to be.

Imagine the power of that gift for yourself, for your kids, for your children, your husband, your partner, your friends, your colleagues. Be the change you want to see in the world, they say, well, I say BE that change and be that example. Don’t wait for one day, someday or a miracle.

Be your own miracle, you and only you hold the power to effect change in your life and wellbeing anyway. You must choose it, it’s a choice that is the greatest choice ever. If you step up and decide to create change, I’ll do the rest. I’ll be your wingman. I’ll guide you through how to use the right tools, the right system and processes to get where you never thought you could be.

I’m juiced, I’m ready, I’m willing and I am able…

Are you?

If yes, then jump aboard, you’ll never look back – except, to see how far you’ve come and marvel at how you’ve grown, with astonishment and pride.


Lose Baby Weight

You’ll step into your potential, you’ll glow with health, you’ll buzz with energy and you’ll be happier and feel lighter – physically and energetically – than ever before. And you want to know the crazy thing, I’m actually way underselling this.


Feeling amazing in your skin, in your awesomeness of who you are and being in that place of loving yourself… Well it’s priceless and indescribable. Let’s get there and have you experience it first hand.

Register for our next Lean Mumma Online 10 Week Transformation Program, starting the second week of February NOW. As an earlybird, I’m going to throw in an amazing gift for you – the complete, digital version of the Lean Mumma DVD system, valued at $197.

Crazy right???!

To give as a gift the entire 7 DVD, nutrition and exercise program.

You’re right. It is crazy. So it’s also strictly limited.

Limited, to the first 100 mums to jump aboard and it’s only available to you for the first time you visit this page.

Now you’re probably wondering how much the actual program, to be coached by me, for 10 weeks costs? Well considering I charge out my life and business coaching at $350 a session or $2000 a month, and I no longer actually do 1-on-1 PT because my time is too precious, the great news is about this model is that allows me to leverage my time. I am able to give you the complete system of awesomeness and support you through the program personally at a fraction of my usual rates. So instead of paying in the $1000s you can have me as your coach and SMASH your goals, for a crazy low $197!

No – that’s not the first instalment, that’s the total price. Right now, anyhow! Our subsequent 10 week challenges will run at higher rates ($347 to be specific) but we’re feeling juiced up, light headed and big hearted from the new year festivities, and you benefit as a result!

SO, just to be clear, for only $197 TOTAL, you’ll get 10 weeks of me as your coach – giving you the workouts, the eating secrets and the emotional and mental support you need PLUS if you’re quick and one of the first 100, you’ll also get the complete DVD system free – 7 DVDs valued at $197 – so you can get started early if you want to.


Lose Baby Weight