Completely online… Exercise AND complete Nutrition program….trained by Marina herself!!

Lose Baby Weight with Marina Perry’s Lean Mumma System

Each week you’ll gain access to workouts, recipes, nutritional guidelines, support and inspiration.

What is the difference between our new 10 Week Transformation Program and other online programs out there, you ask?

That’s a great question!!

There are numerous unique aspects to the Lean Mumma System.

Our program has been designed tested and enhanced specifically for mums. The system was created with a deep and clear understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the female body and how it is changed as a result of pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. The primary focus is on creating strong bodies that fortify a mother so she can raise her children and enjoy life to the fullest. The welcome side effect is a lean, lithe and shapely physique.

The workouts are tailored to progressively rebuild a mothers body by strengthening the core and healing any diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) regardless of how old her children are. The entire system has 5 steps, including the ABC+D building blocks of body transformation which includes the three phases of exercise and nutrition.

The workouts are a fusion of fitness, pilates and a wide range of innovative modalities. They are certainly not easy, hence why they get amazing results. However, with multiple levels on offer in every workout they remain accessible to the wide range of starting capabilities that exist.

As the owner of the industries most innovative health clubs, Marina designed the program to target those trouble areas we most want to see change in – stomach, butt, thighs and arms!!

On the nutrition front, the system will have you healthier than you’ve ever been with more energy than you’ll know what to do with.

Its not an unsustainable way of eating is the most important thing to note. Its not so restrictive you can’t eat out or leave your own home at meal time. Its very much a lifestyle friendly healthy eating overhaul.

It’s also not about counting calories! Our meal plans offer flexibility and follow our nutritional guidelines which are based on the science of balancing macro-nutrients, ensuring nutrient fuel sources match the energy channels and output required.

Additionally the system is very much about you connecting to your self and your life in a new and empowered way.Marina Perry with her children

Support and inspiration comes from Marina herself, who in addition to having worked with thousand of clients one-on-one to transform their bodies is also an international speaker and life coach, who’s passionate about helping mums achieve their optimal health – physically and mentally.

So, while her clients are healing their abdominal separation, losing kilograms and inches, and building tight abs through this clever progressive system, Lean Mumma also instills a new, fresh and positive approach to life.

An example of a Lean Mumma (living life to the max) herself, Marina has over 12 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry, is a qualified Pilates trainer and instructor, nutritionist, owner of Pure health clubs, co-owner of Pure and Lean nutrition system, author, speaker and mother of two beautiful girls… she see her life’s purpose as empowering people to realise their potential.

You can register now for our 10 Week Transformation Program starting 10th February!!